Thursday, September 21, 2017

Raow meat

hi my name is Mosese and we have been going to harrild and lerning what food should be in our body to stay our body good and we have been writing about it and I hoe you like mine by.

Blood slithering through my fingers.

Red blood, redder than mine.

I saw a lamb heart on the plate.

Soft as a Bambillow pillow.

My friends were hungry for it like a pack of wolves

The vessels were like the roots our Tane Mahuta tree.

From Mosese

Monday, September 18, 2017


hi my names Mosese and we have been writing about skittles and we hade to work in our writing groups .

hi toku ingoa Mosese a matou whai ko tuhituhi e pa ana ki tuhinga o muo a ka uru matuo ke te mahi i roto i tatou tuhituhi rou te tumanako kei a kao rangitaki i muri mai.

I could hear the skittles in the bag  like a rattling rattle snake. Mia came and put some skittles in the plate. Then Moses made them in order there were green brown and  orange and yellow. Then Miss B put them in we watch them go in our plate like a color ful waterfall. Then Tyler came to  put the water from the tap.Then she put the water in with the skittles. Then the color of the skittles started to melt of them. After that they were a rainbow in the plate. Then we could see leter s floating in the water like abandoned ship. Then when Enzo shake it was like a rotten pumpkin. It was like there flesh of dead bodies.the color of the skittles started to melt of them. After that they were a rainbow in the plate. Then we could see leter s floating in the water like abandoned ship. Then when Enzo shake it was like a rotten pumpkin. It was like there flesh of dead bodies.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Descriptive Writing

This week we had scientists come and observe our class room and how we work  on our computers.
When they were here we did some writing using our five senses.
We had to use descriptive language and adjectives.

I chose a photo of a waterfront and  here is my writing:

River[1]There were stones slithering through my feet like a snake.Animals calling my name like prisoners.

It looks like the old rickety bridge is going to collapse. The wind tastes like old rotten fish. The current was as strong as one million soldiers pushing me along.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Black Ferns into World Cup final

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? The black ferns into the world cup final.

2. What was the key event from the news article?  The back ferns were too strong.

3. Where did this event take place? Norththern eareyerlnd

4. When did this event take place? On Sunday morning

Thursday, August 24, 2017

kiwi kids news

  • Who is the main person or group it's dr cook
  • What was the news of antarctica it was making a ice berg
  • In anataka that's where they took placeImage result for iceberg antarctica

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Learning how to read scientific reports

Kia ora
We are learning how to read and write scientific reports. We have been doing experiments and writing about them. This is a reading activity we did. We had to be able to match a thesis with its hypothesis.

We are learning how to understand the structure and language of a report about a scientific experiment #3 Understanding that a hypothesis is a brainy prediction based on what you already know.
In this exercise you need to match a thesis with its hypothesis.  Use the ‘Fill tool’ to colour code the matching ideas.
                               Thesis                                                                      Hypothesis
I know this……                                                                         So therefore if I do this I think this will happen…

I know that a puddle of water is a small amount of water lying (usually) on the ground. I know that water is a substance which is found on our planet and that it can exist as a solid (ice), liquid or a gas (water vapour). I know that the main reason water changes from one state to another on Earth is because of  temperature -heat or cold. On Earth a sunny day is when there are no clouds, the sky is blue and the temperature is usually warm or hot.
I predict that when I mix vinegar and baking soda together that a chemical reaction will occur and that I will be able to notice this. I might feel hotness or coldness, notice smoke or bubbles, smell something, hear some kind of noise or  find that the taste or texture of the foods has changed.
I know that heavy things usually sink and light things float. However, container ships are heavy but they still float so there must be more things that have an effect on floating than just weight. Blutack is a squishy material that is quite light. It usually comes as a wide, flat strip but you can shape it into a round ball, a sausage shape, an O shape etc or you could flatten it out into a thin, wide shape like a leaf or saucer. Leaves usually float and ships look a little like a leaf shape.
I predict that when I take an ice cube out of a freezer it will begin to change back into liquid water (this is called melting) because it will no longer be colder than 0 degrees centigrade.
I know that an ice cube is water which is frozen. I know that that liquid water freezes into ice when the temperature reaches 0 degrees centigrade. An ice cube will stay an ice cube as long as it stays in a freezer.
I predict that if I make a puddle of water somewhere on the playground on a hot, dry day that the puddle will dry up and disappear quite quickly.
I know that everything we eat is made up of different kinds of chemicals.Sometimes when you mix different chemicals together they react with each other in different ways and the substances will do things that they didn’t do before (chemical reaction) and become different to what they were like before (chemical change). You will be able to notice things happening by using your 5 senses to  listen, smell, feel, look at and sometimes taste what is going on. I know that vinegar and baking soda are both food substances and I learned that they are chemically different
I predict that if I take some ice cubes out of a freezer and wrap them in different materials, I will find that one material will keep the ice cube frozen for longer than the others. This material would then have proven itself to be the best insulator.
I know that freezer will keep water solid because a freezer’s job is to keep food at a temperature just below 0 degrees centigrade.liquid water changes into a solid (ice) when the temperature reaches 0 degrees centigrade. I know that a
We are going to use Bluetack as our material. We will use the same amount of Blutack to make three different shapes. One will be a straight, rectangular strip of Blutack, one will be a compact, round ball and the third will be a rounded  saucer shape like a boat. We predict that at least one of these will float.
I know that insulators are materials that can be used to protect yourself from too much heat or cold. When we put clothes on because we are cold, the clothes are insulators which help our bodies stay warm. If you put insulating material like Pink Batts in the ceiling of your house, in the winter the Batts help keep warm air inside the house. In the summer, The Pink Batts help stop hot air coming into the house so they help to keep us cool. Many  food containers like Thermos flasks and Chilly Bins are made out of insulating materials to keep food hot or cold.
I predict that when I put some liquid water into a freezer it will change from a liquid state into a solid state (ice) because the temperature in the freezer will be below 0 degrees centigrade.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Learning how to write reports about a scientific experiment.

Kia ora.
We are having a science fair this term so we needed to learn how to write a report about a scientific experiment. Our teachers chopped a piece of scientific writing into bits and we had to sort them out into the right order. We had to match the structure clues with the correct sentences and paragraphs. It was tricky. When we were finished we used the report to carry out a floating and sinking experiment using Blutack.The Blutack wouldn’t float unless we squeezed  it into the shape of a boat. It was fun. Here is a picture.